WORLDDERMIC AMPELOPSIN - Perfect for Fat Deposits

Triple Action Remodelling, Acts on Adipocytes
The capacity of this substance allows two fundamental actions.
First, its effect is immediate, with few sessions of treatment, you can see the results.
But in addition, this action is long time lasting, without being necessary to repeat often the treatment.
The results achieved with ampelopsin are kept because the body fails to incorporate fat at the rate it was used to.
Its immediate effect changes the catabolism of the Adipocyte, stimulating the degradation of lipids (lipolysis).
Its prolonged effect is to interact on the anabolic processes:
- Blocking lipogenesis
- Stopping the generation of fat cells (adipogenesis).

Treatment: There are necessary 8 to 10 sessions (one each week).
The Ampelopsin can be applied deeply on the fat deposits like the phosphatidylcholine, or with Mesotherapy  techniques.

Coming soon Worlddermic Ampelopsin.
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