Amdermik, S.L. - Committed to the beauty of people

At Amdermik we believe in the beauty of people.
We are proud to research, develop, innovate and manufacture only the highest quality topical cosmetic products which provide excellence and solutions for professionals in the cosmetic and aesthetic medicine world and also to the final consumer.
Our company’s culture is based on innovation and development with a professional and structured approach. Our ongoing research efforts and goal for advancement in innovation bring us to create constant new developments. Those new developments will include; electronic machines for application of our top quality serums, as well as, nutri cosmetic capsules. We are constantly evolving.
Our goal is to position ourselves as a recognized prestigious organization in the cosmetic sector for topical use mesotherapy outcomes, at national and international levels, creating economic value and desirable outcomes.
We offer to our consumer the best experience of the brand, the product and the company.

Committed to the personal beauty and welfare, at Amdermik, S.L., we are pleased to meet the highest quality standards and safety throughout development, manufacturing and sales for every country and individual.
We are members of the Spanish Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (STANPA) and the Catalán Beauty Cluster from the Cosmetic industry.
We have the certification ISO: 9001 by SGS and our laboratory has the ISO 22716 Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices of Cosmetics

Worlddermic is the Premium Brand of cosmetic products for mesotherapy developed by Amdermik.
Worlddermic products are exclusively designed for people who are interested and have aesthetic, health and skin care concerns, demand quality, and require proven results.
Worlddermic products are characterized as being the result of constant research, containing pure active ingredients, formulated under the strictest sanitary guidelines, with pharmaceutical quality, sterility, safety, highly concentrated, and tested.
The Worlddermic Line is designed for aesthetic specialist professionals and consumers.
Worlddermic Brand Products are available in international markets through exclusive distributors.
The range of Worlddermic products are specifically for facial and body treatments of problems such as obesity, cellulite, localized fat, stretch marks, scars and marks, acne, sagging skin, skin spots, hyperpigmentation, hair loss and aging skin, and prevention.

Worlddermic has topical treatment products, reducers, anti-aging, de-pigmenters, bleaching, anti-fatigue, firming, and revitalizing type solutions for face, body, and scalp use. For the concerns consumers face in these target areas we have topical serums with ingredients known to visibly address.

Worlddermic products are available in the following packaging: easy to open vials or sterile blister packs which are applied topically.

They are applied topically and in the future can be applied using our soon to be launched electronic machine. A professional can use magnetic waves or ultrasounds, in a professional setting.
Worlddermic products have been proven for effectiveness in daily use and in clinic, medical spa, spa, aesthetic center, beauty center and some medical centre applications with a spa envrionment. Topical use only solutions.

It is a term that is used to give a name to topical solutions that are readily absorbed into the skin and work similarly to mesotherapy without needles or injections.
It is applied for cosmetic purposes and used in the treatment of face and body skin conditions such as; aging skin, localized fat, melanic spots, hair loss, sagging skin, cellulite or stretch marks among other aesthetic problems. It can also be used for prevention. Topical "Mesotherapy" can simply be used as a topical serum or professionals can use various techniques and devices during professional services for their customers.

Amdermik, S.L., is 100% specialized in manufacturing, using the highest quality active ingredients. We offer only successful and effective products. Mesotherapy is invasive, our serums are not as they are topical alternatives. Mesotherapy can be painful, our treatments are pain-free and non invasive and topical solutions, while being soothing and relaxing without harm. Mesotherapy can leave you with bruising and mild pain, topical mesotherapy by WorldDermic offers only topical use professional and consumer serums. Invasive mesotherapy costs approximately double our serums. Treatment with our topical serums can be done in a professional setting and we have available consumer only products.
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