Products – Benefits to You

The ingredients used within the serums are based on the proven, scientifically evidenced ingredients known through years of clinical research, independent study and validity found on globally acclaimed clinical papers, and recognizable on beauty web-sites, health sites, and those found in many products available to consumers and professionals.

The difference that we assure is the purity of the ingredients and comparable to what is commonly known as Mesotherapy. The visible difference is youthful, glowing, smooth skin, firmness and integrity and experience is that of a similar outcome to mesotherapy as stated by consumers and professionals using the products. We are NOT Mesotherapy, which is an injection, we are Topical Use serums for professional treatments and consumer daily use that show visible results and positive outcomes much like mesotherapy would do – the difference is NO Injection. We use the term based on the experience and positive results – Mesotherapy like outcomes – No Injection, no pain, topical serum. The benefit to you is ease of use, renewal and younger looking skin based on the power of the known ingredients.

Results seen and experienced are visibly younger looking skin regardless of age or skin type. All skin types, all demographics, all ages for Men and Women alike. The serums are used at professional spa/medical spa level as well as consumers to nourish, hydrate, smooth, firm and lift - and allow a youthful, brighter, uniform skin tone. The serums are applied first, prior to any other daily care you wish to use, as well as prior to sleep. The body regenerates and heals when you sleep – so logic only applies to cleansing to remove daily debris prior to sleep and nourish with topical serums to allow renewal.

Worlddermic cares are easy to apply by removing the lid, releasing the serum, or carefully breaking the single use applications and applying topically. Known active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, argirelene and vitamins support the benefits as in other cosmetics.

Please click on each product descriptive to understand the areas recommended for use. Our products are available through traditional distribution channels as well as reputable on-line sites. If you are interested in distributing please contact us as we offer off the shelf program support and information necessary for all audience members. – Thank you our dedication to well being, innovation and outstanding,, clean, proven ingredients is what makes Worlddermic serums accepted and desired in the market.
Topical Use Serums – All Skin Types, All ages, all demographics – prevention, and well being. Constant New Innovations