Remove Cellulite with Ultrasound Cavitation

Apply Mesocelu Anti-Cellulite Cocktail with Cavitation
Cavitation is not be used on clients with an acute illness, comprised liver function, severe bleeding tendencies, pace makers, or during pregnancy.

Benefits of Ultrasound Cavitation
  • Removes fat cells on the:
     - Abdomen
     - “Love handles” or flanks
     - “Saddle bags” or thighs
     - Buttocks
     - Upper arms
     - Inner knees
  •  Improves:
     - Skin’s texture
     - Body contouring and shaping
     - Cellulite appearance
     - Lymph and blood circulation

Worlddermic has several products to apply with Ultrasound Cavitation.
We recommend: Piruvatdermic combined with anti-cellulite cocktails, Mesocelu a powerful anti-cellulite cocktail, Cocktail Natural Extracts II for Cellulite and Cocktail Natural Extracts I for Reducing.
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