Proteoglycans - Elixir of Youth

Proteoglycans are 'the ultimate' in terms of skin care
Proteoglycan is a chemical term that refers to the molecular structure of a product.
They are structural components of cells that are connected to the same membrane and extracellular matrix.
Proteoglycans are 'the ultimate' in terms of the skin care and every time you hear more talk about them.
In cosmetics, are called proteoglycan, the active compounds that have as a basis the proteoglycans, and they also contribute to the skin, providing other powerful assets with even greater value to its beneficial effects on the skin.
They are macromolecules formed by a central protein, associated with many molecules of sulfated glycosaminoglycans.
They are massive aggregates formed by carbohydrates and proteins.
Proteoglycans, contain a higher content in carbohydrates t proteins.
It is one of the major components of the body and there is a huge variety of proteoglycans (depending on the type and length and central protein of the type, number and length of glycosaminoglycans associated to it).
One of these proteoglycans is the decorin.
The proteoglycan decorin, covers the surface of the collagen fibrils and is one of those used in high-performance beauty products.
Let's say that a proteoglycan acts as a "Communicator" between the cells and the environment where he is and this communication defines its functions.
They are able to restore epidermal cells and enhance the metabolism of connective tissue components, restoring the skin's functions, their mechanical properties and its physiological aspect.
They are able to effectively stimulate the regeneration of the skin from their deeper layers, and improve the ability of rehydration of the skin from within.
Proteoglycans are characterized because they have a great ability to retain water.
They have the ability to capture water up to 1000 times its molecular weight.
Proteoglycans (PG) form part of the cell membrane, extracellular matrix and inside of them.
Age, the pollution, the rays of the Sun, stress, tobacco (among others), makes these components will destabilize and therefore, the skin loses its firmness and wrinkles from forming and therefore applying a product with this component, can make the difference between seem young or greater, because proteoglycans:
-Give flexibility to the skin
-Hydrate the skin , keeping their hydration throughout the day, something fundamental in dry skin or mature skin
-Give firmness and smoothness to the skin
-Bring brightness and good appearance
-Act as an antiaging fighting and filling wrinkles.
The Proteoglycans are associated among themselves and also with other molecules such as collagen or hyaluronic acid, achieving to maintain the smoothness of the skin and therefore avoiding the formation of wrinkles.
Proteoglycans skin care usually carry other ingredients (rich nutrients for cells), such as vitamin C in high percentage.
Vitamin C provides brightness to the skin. In addition, this vitamin helps our deeper layers of skin to produce collagen.
The collagen is to our skin the same that the springs are for a mattress: in other words, the fibers that "holding" and maintain firm everything that goes under the epidermis.
Collagen, with the passage of the age and other factors lose density and that causes sagging.
Therefore most antiaging creams carry a big amount of vitamin C and collagen.
Proteoglycans also include vitamin F (vitamin F nourishes cells) and vitamin A (beta-carotene) a potent antioxidant, which along with the vitamin C pure, keep the skin free of free radicals, which are the main responsible for aging.
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