Biorevitalization Hyaluronic Acid


BIO-REVITALIZATION, To Prevent Facial Skin Sagging
How many treatments should be performed?
Biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid: Only 4 sessions needed.

          Indications for performance:
·         Dry and withering skin
·         Strong dehydration of the skin
·         Pigmented spots
·         Loss or decrease of the skin's elasticity and tightness
·         Skin repair after laser resurfacing and chemical peelings
·         Early skin aging due to negative influence of environmental factors and pernicious habits
·         Rehabilitation after plastic surgeries
·         Hypotension and decrease of elasticity of facial and neck muscles
·         Correction of the body's sagging skin in the area of anterior abdominal wall, inner surface of thighs and shoulders
·         Aging prevention at a young age
·         Under-eye wrinkles
·         Nasolabial folds,
·         Wrinkles in the area of facial contours and décolleté
·         Dark under-eye circles
·         Impairment of the skin color
·         Enlarged facial pores
·         Seborrhea facial

          Advantages of the Bio-revitalization treatment with H30-H50 & H100 Hyaluronic Acid cocktails:
·         Painlessness and absence of any discomfort
·         High efficiency
·         Quick result
·         Absence of rehabilitation period
Results of digital bio-revitalization:
* Wrinkles smooth up, and their amount decreases as well (especially when biorevitalizing eye-lids or the area around the eyes).
* The skin grows moister.
* The pores contract and the skin's relief smoothest up.
* Lips volume increases as a result of the lips' biorevitalization.
* The skin grows younger and more elastic.
* The skin quickly recovers after heat strokes and sunburns.
* Repair of traumatic and surgical cicatrices.
Recommendations after a treatment

During the first two to three days after the treatment, it is unadvisable to apply active make-up and use any cosmetics.
Besides, for one week, it is not recommendable to visit sauna, bath-house, or actively do sport.
For two weeks, please waive the services of solarium. Also, it is not recommendable to tan or stay continuously in the open sun.
For a week or two, please avoid any physiotherapeutic procedures.

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