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Goodbye to hair loss

Mesohair & Piruvatdermic
The market for hair care products it is increasingly widespread.
Hair loss is an aesthetic issue of great concern to men and especially women.

If this loss is due to some specific factor, as could be the lack of any nutrients, you can fix it with vitamins and lotions.
Sodium Pyruvate, for example, increases the mitochondrial membrane potential, stimulating cell respiration and thus increasing energy consumption, resulting in increased metabolism with production of energy.

This is a component that acts against:
• Effect trophic skin
• Antielastosis Treatments
• Sagging in wrinkles
• facial skin aging
• Skin Nutrition
• Revitalizing Hair

Amdermik recommends Piruvatdermic of Worlddermic, which can only be used in combination with other Worlddermic brand products.
In addition Worlddermic Natural Extracts II, containing gotu kola is a great regenerator with bio stimulating and firming capacity. That’s also why we recommend it as a good revitalizing hair.

If it’s Alopecia, this may be due to hormonal changes, stress, nutritional deficiencies, heredity among others ...
Androgens are the hormones responsible for hair loss and that’s why many of the current treatments inhibit the production thereof.
Ideally fight fall while follicles are alive.
Therefore, Health hair requires good protein biosynthesis, cell reproduction and adequate energy intakes for the hair follicle to remain productive.

The MESOHAIR (cocktail) of Worlddermic, is a potent antioxidant, metabolic performance optimizer, the catabolic pathway of carbohydrates, energy contributor of most cellular and biochemical processes.
This leads to activation of hair follicles in recess. Longer anagen (growth phase) of the active follicles and increased hair growth.

This leads to activation of hair follicles in recess. Longer anagen (growth phase) of the active follicles and increased hair growth.

It is mainly composed of Dexapantenol panthenol,
The Dexapantenol has high capacity to penetrate the skin and a characteristic wetting power, including aging skin.
Alone, Vitamin B5 is a natural constituent of healthy hair, if he is missing, it occurs fall.
The D-panthenol remains in the hair shaft once applied and after rinsing, allowing retain moisture and overcome the feeling of dryness and brittleness.

            If you suffer from hair loss, premature baldness or just want to revitalize your hair , try Worlddermic products.

Our distributors show a high degree of satisfaction with this product because consumers see a clear and efficient result.
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