Natural Extracts I

Cocktail Reducing Natural Extracts (Purifying)

Erase Cellulite-Reduce Fat
·         Arms-------------Apply 5-7 ml each arm
·         Abdomen---------------Apply 7-12 ml
·         Back ---------------------Apply 7-15 ml
·         Buttocks-----------------Apply 7-15 ml
·         Thighs--------------------Apply 7-15 ml each tigh
The DEVICES that can be used to apply the Cocktail Reducing Natural Extracts:
Electroporation, iontophoresis, ultrasounds (sonophoresis), thermotherapy, vacuum therapy, galvanic and DC currents, radiofrequency, dermaroller, dermapen etc.

Number of Sessions (Treatment)
Between 8 and 12 sessions, spaced 1 or 2 weeks.
1 maintenance treatment each 6 months (2 per year)

You can alternate the Cocktail Reducing Natural Extracts treatment sessions with some sessions using the Worlddermic products: Cynadermic, Carnitidermic, Melilotdermic or Remolding.

*The professional will give a personalized advice to the patient.
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