Beauty and Youth with Argireline & Leuphasyl

Peptidermic - The Expression Wrinkles Solution
Leuphasyl Peptide
Treatment of expression wrinkles through calcium channels
This pentapeptide is an alternative to fight against expression lines acting through calcium, by imitating enkephalins. It is compatible with other anti-wrinkle peptides for a synergistic effect.
Mechanism of action
It couples to the enkephalin receptor and closes the calcium channels. Thus it inhibits the release of acetylcholine in the synapse, reducing muscle contraction.
Cosmetic Benefits
Muscles remain in rest and the formation of wrinkles and expression lines is curbed. The face is smoother and the skin looks younger. In combination with Argireline, this advanced duo of peptides decreased the depth of wrinkles by 30%, raising values up to 47%, in 1 month.
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Peptidermic is a powerful anti-wrinkle cosmetic.
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